They thought their children were in good hands.They did the research. They did the interviews. They did all the checking they could.

And, confidently two Calgary families sent their toddlers off to private dayhomes believing them to be safe.

But Jennifer and Dan Woolfsmith never knew three other children were hurt while in the care of their full-time private babysitter Caitlin Jarosz. And, Ryan McGrath and Tanya Gladwell had no idea there was a complaint lodged against their private dayhome provider, Elmarie Simons, for having too many children in her care.

None of this information was searchable for the Woolfsmith or McGrath families. That’s because private dayhomes are not monitored or tracked by the provincial government in any systematic way and any investigations that do take place, are not shared publicly.

"Elmarie was recommended to us as 'Mother Theresa,'" Ryan McGrath would say later.

In 2012, 22-month-old Mackenzy Woolfsmith died of blunt force trauma. Jarosz was eventually convicted in the toddler’s death.