Questionable bushes hard to ignore

Published Dec. 21, 2018 4:56 p.m. ET
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Three bushes on a front lawn in Kitchener are turning heads and sparking conversation.

The shrubbery, consisting of a tall, narrow cedar and two smaller round ones, has gained online notoriety for its phallic arrangement.

In May, the shrubs began making the rounds on Reddit after someone posted a photo of them.

The reactions from neighbours have been mixed.

“It lifts up the spirit of Christmas and holidays, that’s all,” one neighbour said with a laugh.

He said he likes when family and friends visit from Poland to check out the display, which is now adorned with Christmas lights: white ones on top, blue ones on the bottom.

Not everyone finds the arrangement as enjoyable.

“I don’t think it’s in good taste, that’s my take on it,” one passerby said.

Others say they don’t notice the penile resemblance at all.

“My mind wouldn’t go there automatically, I just see a tree that’s lit up,” said a neighbour who sometimes walks his dog past the house.

But what is the true origin of the controversial collection?

The owner says that the shrubs were planted in a triangle when they were small plants.

Over time, one grew upwards while the others grew outwards.

He says he isn’t embarrassed by the shape of his shrubbery—indeed, he appears to be embracing it.

With reporting from Max Wark.

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