Ottawa Community Housing residents will have access to an electric car

Published Sept. 13, 2022 6:51 p.m. ET

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A fully electric Kia Nero will have a new home at an Ottawa Community Housing building; and residents will have access to it.

Those living at five Ottawa Community Housing Corporation Communities in Centretown West will be able to access an affordable alternative to owing a personal vehicle, for a fee, through a car-sharing service.

A dedicated parking space and level two charger are located at 811 Gladstone Ave., being made available through the Communauto car-sharing program.

"I see it will be easier for the people who don’t have a car," one resident told CTV News Ottawa.

According to Ottawa Community Housing, this is the first fully electric vehicle car-sharing program to be offered in an affordable and community housing complex in Ontario.

"Having a car sharing option is really completing the 15-minute Neighbourhood objectives," says Mathieu Fleury, Ottawa Councillor and OCHC Board Chair.

An LRT station will eventually be located nearby, but Fleury says this is about providing options for those who don’t own a car or can’t afford one.

"Think of going to Ikea, think of larger groceries, you have a lot of parents here; bringing them to football practice or hockey if it’s not within the neighbourhood, having access to a vehicle and being able to travel to different venues or space within the city."

Communauto is already established in Ottawa, with over 200 vehicles in the city; five of which are now electric.

"And this, 811 Gladstone is our newest location, for one of our electric cars that will be able to be shared by the hour for any of our 5,000 members, and residents of this building who join our service," says Wilson Wood, Communauto Project Lead.

Wood says the service includes the cost of electricity, or gas - depending on the vehicle; and, the fee depends on how long you use the car.  As an example, a shopping trip, "That would certainly be under $15, for a two-hour trip to Costco and back," Wood says, "so, it competes very well with ride-sharing services, taxi, and certainly car rental."

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