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Popular Vancouver Island mountain biker, Jordie Lunn, dies in riding accident

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Published Oct. 11, 2019 12:49 p.m. ET
Updated Oct. 11, 2019 9:40 p.m. ET
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A legendary mountain biker from Parksville, Jordie Lunn, passed away in Mexico on Oct. 9 in a tragic trail riding crash.

Lunn, 36, was riding in Cabo San Lucas with friends when the accident occurred, according to mountain biking website, Pink Bike.

Originally from Parksville, B.C., Lunn was an award winning mountain biker, earning the title of fastest completion time for a Canadian at Mont-Sainte-Anne in 2003 and placing as the top ranked North American downhill racer in the World Cup for the same year.

Besides competing and succeeding in a range of international competitions, Lunn was best known for being a friend, coach and mentor for many up-and-coming riders. He also starred in popular self-produced mountain biking videos, like his series "Rough AF". 

The Rough AF series featured plenty of awe-inspiring stunts, like one from 2018 that showcased a death-defying plunge down a nearly vertical ramp that he and his friends built on Vancouver Island. His videos earned him sponsorships from major brands like Rocky Mountain Bikes, SRAM, RockShox, Truvativ and RockStar Energy.

"Jordie's appearance was intimidating; a big man, covered in tattoos, gold teeth, and always wearing the most ridiculous kit on the mountain," writes Pink Bike on his passing. "But that was in stark contrast to his gentle nature and pure friendliness. It didn't matter if you were a fellow pro, a guy in a suit, or a young fan, he had time for you."

Lunn's family told Pink Bike in a statement that they were saddened by his passing but were grateful for his loving personality and talent.

"We are shattered to inform you, a simple but tragic accident occurred and Jordie sustained a fatal head injury," said the family. "Jordie lost his life doing exactly what he loved."

"Jordie had an incredible 20+ year career as a mountain biker. He will always be cherished for his heart and love that he gave to his family, friends, and fans, as well as the incredible talent that he had on his bikes. We will inform you at a later date regarding a celebration of his life."

"With love: Brian, Bonnie, Craig, Jarrett Lunn, and our large, loving families."

Lunn is survived by his parents, Bonnie and Brian Lunn, his brothers, Craig and Jarrett Lunn, and his girlfriend, Caitlin Larsen. 

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